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Win A Free Michael Jackson or Ol' Dirty Bastard CD From OKP

by Eddie "STATS"
8 years ago

Speaking of random freshness generators, Okayplayer is offering you the chance to put your name in the slot and win a collector’s item album from one of two immortal artists: Michael Jackson or the Ol’ Dirty Bastard. What do these artists and their music have in common, you might ask? Nothing really, except that both are, in their own way, OKP icons–and both have been foremost on our minds lately. Michael Jackon’s Immortal soundtrack/remix project debuted yesterday (buy on iTunes) to rave reviews and of course,  we recognized ODB’s birth/death celebration just  this past week, an especially appropriate moment for the release of the super-deluxe box set edition of his seminal first LP Return to the 36 Chambers, which just dropped today (purchase it here and see details in our previous post on it–comes with lots of goodies).

To win one or the other of these desirable discs (we have 6 total to give away, we’re not telling you how many of each–that would be cheating!) just sign up for our email list (sorry, U.S. entries only) and put your wish out to the universe. Just remember: some days you ask the universe for Michael Jackson, but the universe knows you really need some Ol’ Dirty Bastard in your life (or vice versa).

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