NYPD Officers Who Ripped Jazmine Headley’s Baby Away In Viral Video Won’t Face Discipline

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NYPD Officers Who Ripped Jazmine Headley's Baby Away In Viral Video Won't Face Discipline
Source: ABC
NYPD Officers Who Ripped Jazmine Headley's Baby Away In Viral Video Won't Face Discipline

Source: ABC


The police officers involved with ripping Jazmine Headley‘s baby away from her during a confrontation at a Brooklyn food stamps office will not be disciplined by the NYPD.

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The Internal Affairs Bureau conducted a review of the incident and found no wrongdoing on the part of the police. Police Commissioner James O’Neill did release a statement acknowledging that “clearly something went wrong” during Headley’s arrest. But he blamed the actions of the Human Resources Administration personnel for that.

“This review shows that prior to the incident depicted on public video, NYPD officers are working with the client to de-escalate the situation,” O’Neill said.

According to Politico, the NYPD’s internal review of the incident took into account public videos of the incident, as well as police body camera footage and 911 calls. The NYPD has also recommended changes to its policy for “establishing guidelines for interactions between NYPD and HRA officers, summoning an NYPD supervisor when police respond to calls at HRA facilities and reviewing tactics and training programs for situations in which officers encounter someone holding a young child.”

Headley recently spoke out on the incident with the New York Times.

“It’s the story of many other people, it’s not just my story,” Headley said. “My story is the only one that made it to the surface.”

Headley also plans to take legal action against NYC officials over the incident. The 23-year-old was charged with resisting arrest, acting in a manner injurious to a child, obstructing governmental administration and trespassing. Those charges have since been dropped.

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