‘Who Is Gil Scott-Heron’ Documentary Screening in Select Theaters Across The Country Through June

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Photo by Maarten Marchau

It’s been over 4 years since the passing of legendary poet, writer, musician, arranger, jack of all trades Gil Scott-HeronBut a new documentary treatment titled Who Is Gil Scott-Heron is poised to remember the iconic and heroic penman, not for the waves of adulation he’s garnered over the years, but for the human Scott-Heron, adored by so many of his peers and the politically-sharp offspring of his razor tongue and earthy, funk-touched compositions alike. This film — directed by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard and originally packaged with the release of his posthumously released Nothing New LP — will be screening in select cities across the country throughout the month of June, with the next showing taking place this Thursday, June 11th at NYC’s IFC Theater and the follow-up being a five-night stay at Santa Ana’s The Frida Cinema. You can view the full screening schedule for Who Is Gil Scott-Heron? along with the first chapter for the film down below. Hit the link for tickets to the NYC screening and cop Gil Scott-Heron’s Nothing New LP on iTunes today.

>>>Purchase Tickets To ‘Who Is Gil Scott-Heron?’ At IFC Theaters In NYC

>>>Watch The First Chapter Of ‘Who Is Gil Scott-Heron?


June 11th @ @ IFC Theater – New York, NY
June 12th-18th @ The Frida Cinema – Santa Ana, CA
June 12th @ Merrill’s Roxy Cinema – Burlington, VT
June 14th @ Pickford Film Center – Bellingham, WA

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