White Terrorists Led By Richard Spencer Return To Charlottesville, Virginia To Protest

White Terrorists Led By Richard Spencer Return To Charlottesville, Virginia To Protest

White Nationalists March on University of Virginia

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With tiki-torches in hand, Richard Spencer and his white terrorist cronies descended onto Charlottesville, Virginia, again, to protest in front of the city’s Robert E. Lee statue.

Richard Spencer and his crew of white terrorists took to the streets in Charlottesville, Virginia to hold a short rally at the University of Virginia Saturday night. This comes two months at larger (and more destructive) demonstration that resulted in numerous people assaulted, injured and one protester dead.

Setting off a political firestorm in where President Donald Drumpf called neo-Nazi groups and white terrorists “good people,” known white supremacist Richard Spencer led roughly 40 to 50 people to the Robert E. Lee statue for about 10 minutes. According to the Charlottesville Police Department, the group gathered around the tarp-covered statue inside the recently renamed Emancipation Park and spouted their hate rhetoric.

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With “no disorders,” according to a police statement, the event was not without its fair share of detractors. Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer shared his condemnation of the “rally,” calling it a “despicable visit by neo-Nazi cowards.” “You’re not welcome here! Go home!” Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe tweeted that he and his staff were “monitoring” the situation as they “continue to oppose racists and their message of hate.”

Spencer and his cronies were protesting the city’s decision to move the Robert E. Lee statue and march through the area on Aug. 11 carrying torches and chanting racial slurs. The following day (Aug. 12) more white terrorists descended onto Charlottesville with an angry array of chaos.

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With shots being fired, people being assaulted, a car allegedly driven by one of the white terrorists rammed into a group of people protesting their hate group, killing Heather Heyer and injuring others.

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