WEON (MonoNeon x Kriswontwo) Present 'Neon The Won' EP [STREAM]

WEON (MonoNeon x Kriswontwo) Present 'Neon The Won' EP [STREAM]

Producer Kriswontwo & Bassist MonoNeon Reunite As Dynamic Duo WEON With A Stream Of Their 6-Track Project 'Neon The Won.'

Producer Kriswontwo and bassist MonoNeon reunite as the dynamic duo WEON with a stream of their 6-track project Neon The Won. The release, which conjures a chronology of spaced out funk from Return to Forever to the Brainfeeder camp, is the latest from the pair since their 2013 release. Rocking with WEON this go-round are David Fiuczynski, Jerome Flood, Lance Lucas, Amber Baker and Mojcksn. The pair cites neon light installations as one of the driving forces behind their new music. Check the tracks below to stream to Neon The Won EP. Stream and download the project via SoundCloud. Stay tuned for more from WEON.

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