Celebrate The Beauty of Blackness With "We Are Joy" [Premiere]

Celebrate The Beauty of Blackness With The "We Are Joy" Project [Premiere]

by Kevito
February 28, 2017 11:45 AM

Photos taken by Laurent Chevalier of The Chevalier Creative for Okayplayer.

In America, being black is a burden, an experience where we have to survive + strive in order to just make it home at night. Our skin is a historical weight that seems to reinvent itself at every turn. As we embark on this new Black History Month, we understand that this “burden” is laid on our people by ignorant + malicious minds, and with this behavior often comes negative associations with what blackness is.

However, we are strong enough, resilient enough to carry this weight, and the pressure associated with it has galvanized a culture. It has given us through varying interests and ideas a common tie that connects us to our past, present and helps us to create a better future. There are beautiful shared experiences that we have where at the root of it all lies blackness. There are moments that can only truly be appreciated through the lens of that culture.

This February, we celebrate those moments by premiering The Chevalier Creative‘s newest project, “We Are Joy“. Curated by photographer Laurent Chevalier, we will share a new image for each day of the month, utilizing the power of storytelling + sharing the memories of the blessings of black lives. We will also share with you the creative imagery indicative of why these black lives matter. Each subject in the “We Are Joy” series have been asked to share a personal, happy memory where being black was the key element.

Through this process of story preservation + image creation, we here at Okayplayer proudly present “We Are Joy,” a necessary collective reminder of how great it is to be black.

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