Wati Heru x Kashaka - "Bean Pie$"

Wati Heru x Kashaka - "Bean Pie$"

Wati Heru & Kashaka Join Forces Again On The Heavy Burner "Bean Pies" Inspired By The Million Man March & Indigenous People's Day.

Wati Heru and Kashaka join forces on the activist burner “Bean Pie$,” inspired by the Million Man March and Indigenous People’s Day.

The track is the latest from the pair since the March release of the 6-track collaborative DYSTOPIA EP. Never one to mince words, Heru plows through the driving percussion and dirty synths at the core of the track to serve up a solid dose of that heavy, legendary, revolutionary rap.

Check the track below to listen to “Bean Pie$.” Download the track via toneden.io. Stream the DYSTOPIA EP via SoundCloud¬†and stay tuned for more from Wati Heru and Kashaka.

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