Watch A Grainy New Freestyle Clip From Your Old Droog

Watch A Grainy New Freestyle Video From Your Old Droog

Your Old Droog Off Top Freestyle

Looking like he done gone and time traveled here from 1996, Your Old Droog freestyles in a new video clip published Monday, and as expected it’s absolutely fantastic. The Coney Island MC garnered wide acclaim with his self-titled debut LP and the hard-rocking EP that hit right after, and the with gymnastic lyrics that seem to bend the rules of possibility his “Off Top” freestyle sits right up there with his past achievements.

But also, can we talk about this look of this video? Sure the date reads 2015 and there are fancy apps that let you make your iPhone videos look like Dad’s camcorder, but the retro look goes so much deeper than that. Look at the clothing racks. Look at Droog’s own duds for that matter. Somehow Your Old Droog managed walk through a Modell’s fitting room and ride a time warp back to the Clinton years when we were all playing Number Munchers, watching Snick and eating 3-D Doritos. The snares are gritty, the piano loop rolls back and forth and Droog stunts proper about holding up traffic on the FDR drive. It’s talented boasting like only he could do it–watch the clip below.

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