Americans Explain Why They Voted For Trump

Americans Explain Why They Voted For Trump + Ruined The World

Watch YG Invite Fans Onstage To Take Shots At His Donald Trump Piñata

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In a few days, the United States, nay, the World will have to deal with Donald Trump in a way so unimaginable that it still baffles most rational thinking human beings. Despite losing the popular vote, the soon-to-be President of the United States, Donald J. Trump will place his hand on the bible and take this country to places never-before-seen. Without any political experience outside the bucks to pay money to others — Trump’s victory was possible due to a deep-seeded feeling against then-President Barack Obama and a distrust against Hillary Clinton.

Teflon Don was able to outlast controversies from the past (“Grab them by the p***y!”) and the present (“Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.”), while setting up his cabinet to be one of the worst for people of color, women and the LGBTQ community off all time. As Americans with the right of protest and civil disobedience, we are encouraging you to skip Trump’s inauguration. Spend some time with friends or family, read a good book, catch up on some new Netflix flicks or just tune in to the Freedom Concert and get your groove on.

No matter how you look at it, Trump’s message of “yuge” changes coming to America and the world at large resonated with large numbers of American voters in key states. The Concourse (Deadspin) took note of the deep anger and discontent and asked Trump voters just why they decided to vote for the former host of Celebrity Apprentice. With that in mind, we decided to kick off our Inauguration Week content by highlighting some of the most telling reasons Americans voted for Donald Drumpf and leave you to share your thoughts as to what impact those ideas + feelings might have on America, politics and the world moving forward.

And Now, Donald Trump Getting Booed at His Polling Place

Photo of Donald Trump taken by Charlie Neibergall / AP

[Quotes are excerpted from Hamilton Nolan’s Trump Voters Explain Themselves article.]

“Trump is the lesser of two evils. Clinton would continue to drive the country into the ground with her leftist, socialist policies.”

“Trump is pro 2nd Amendment rights. Clinton would make all guns disappear if she could.”

“I voted for him for the same reason a lot of people voted for Hillary, because I absolutely was not going to vote for the person on the other side.”

“Trump is the lesser of two evils. Clinton would continue to drive the country into the ground with her leftist, socialist policies.”

“I voted for him because I felt that he would do an absolutely terrible job and would alienate the republican base so badly that it had no choice but to face facts and accept that conservative economic models do not help them.”

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