Video: T3 "Hello World" f/ Kameron Corvet - Okayplayer

Video: T3 "Hello World" f/ Kameron Corvet

by Eddie "STATS"
8 years ago

I caught a little bit of goose-bumps off this one. I’m not gonna try to sum up the whole thing but a few random observations: 1) T3:“The most slept-on /A bed not a futon.”–can’t disagree. 2) Young RJ can obviously do more than a kill a classic Primo/Wu-era beat because he came out of left-field with this spare, piano and synth-driven opus of a non-beat. 3) watch for the Okayplayer cameos throughout (see that 2-story ‘okay’ at 1:50? that was us!) 4) I have now gone from cautiously optimistic to officially geeked for 3iller, due out June 21st.

spotted at OS

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