Video Premiere: The Roots “Stomp” f/ Greg Porn [Official] - Okayplayer

Video Premiere: The Roots “Stomp” f/ Greg Porn [Official]

by Eddie "STATS"
7 years ago

I am not going to even try to be objective. This is my favorite joint on undun, an album of soon-to-be all time favorite tracks from The Roots. Read the lyrics to see why and then blow the devil a kiss. Or just watch the video which is definitely the ‘money shot’ of the whole four video series (or maybe it’s not, I haven’t seen the fourth yet). Starts with a Malcolm X quote about gunplay and then goes in like a ‘last time on The Wire‘ montage, but with black & white art-house cinematography. I don’t know if it is technically art, but this is technically my shit. Undun drops December 6th but you can pre-order it now. Tick, tick.

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