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Video Premiere: The Roots "Sleep"

by Eddie "STATS"
8 years ago

The fourth and last installment of our four-part series of video premieres from The Roots forthcoming masterpiece (I said it) undun, “Sleep” also happens to be the first track on the album (that’s what you call “Tarantino-esque“).  But if the band references Pulp Fiction I am going to have to fall back on The Wire again–if only because these videos match that show’s ability to capture the street-level and the eternal with perfect clarity. “Sleep” is the moody album-opener featuring Aaron Livingston‘s raspy and unforgettable vocal, perfectly matched on the visual level by the grim reaper in a black Champion hoodie. Watch back to back with “Stomp“; “Tip the Scale” and  “Make My” for the full impact.

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