New York vs. Philly Takes Over The Okay Space in Brooklyn

Watch as 'Philly vs. New York' Takes Over The Okay Space in Brooklyn

by Kevito
March 14, 2017 7:27 PM

Photo of Schoolly D and Pablo Power taken by Dantana for Okayplayer.

Photo of Schoolly D and Pablo Power by Dantana for Okayplayer.

On Saturday, March 4, we opened up the beautiful Okay Space to link up with the Black Swan Projekt to show off the crazy, creative styles of two respected artistic legends: Schoolly D and Pablo Power.

The exhibit, Philly vs. New York: A Declaration of Co-Independence, held individual works from each artist including original art by the Schoolly D, the MC-turned-artist from Philadelphia whose “P.S.K.” helped to inspired the likes of The Notorious B.I.G., Ice-T and N.W.A.

As their art hung collaboratively on display in the Okay Space, we spent a few moments during the event getting their thoughts on the “contentious” relationship between these two East Coast cities. “I was born in Philly, raised in Atlanta and became a star in New York,” Schoolly D said to Okayplayer exclusively. “Philadelphia is the BEST. FUCKIN’. PLACE. ON EARTH. To learn anything. Anything. Anything that has something to do with art, or poetry, or anything. New York is the BEST. FUCKIN’. PLACE. To become who you really are.”

“I love New York, it’s been my home for almost 25 years and [it’s] a place that drives me,” Pablo Power, an artist with over two decades of experience said. “I just liked the idea of anything having to do the names [of our two cities, Philly and New York] but the more we started talking it became not “versus,” but more like options. Like sides of things that co-exist together that help each other, that help each other build, that build off each other and nurture each other.”

With the excitement of Philly vs. New York, the energies of two dope artist showcasing their work — the night was one not to miss. Thankfully, we have the video recap for you to check out below. And don’t forget the event is part of 2017’s Armory Arts Week and will be available at Okay Space Gallery from now until April 1st.

Catch a recap of the event in the video below, and be sure to check out our exclusive interview with the artists here.

Shot and Edited by Greg Poole for Okayplayer & Okay Space
Produced by Sinat Giwa, Ginny Suss, & Dan Petruzzi

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