Video: Nneka "Soul is Heavy" [World Premiere] - Okayplayer

Video: Nneka "Soul is Heavy" [World Premiere]

by Eddie "STATS"
8 years ago

Okayplayer favorite Nneka has just now put the world on notice for her new LP, a finely tuned construction of rap, reggae, brass and Afro-sounds. The brand new machine is called Soul is Heavy and the first shot off the clip is this video of the same name –which OKP is proud to premiere! The brightly-colored agit-prop makes a perfect visual complement to Nneka’s sound; somewhere between M.I.A. and the Kalakuta Queens. Drink it in and stay tuned for much more! (and if you haven’t tasted the Nneka kool-aid yet, you can go to Okayafrica and basically get her whole career in a nutshell here.

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