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Video: Mayer Hawthorne "A Long Time"

by Eddie "STATS"
7 years ago

Wow. This vid for Mayer Hawthorne‘s get-in-your-soul ballad “A Long Time” really does not fit with the mood or content of the song at all except for the line “welcome to the Motor Town.” But personally I could care less because Mayer has seen T3 & Young RJ‘s Detroit throwback-TV game and raised them about a million, cutting together clips of people getting geeked up on the New Dance Show (which took over from The Scene). I could talk about this all day probably but there’s really not much to be said except this is my childhood you are watching right here. Is it any wonder I’m so messed up? Hawthorne’s LP A Long Time comes out on Universal in the fall, date TBA.

spotted at PF

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