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Video: Karmin x The Roots "Look At Me Now" Live

by Eddie "STATS"
9 years ago

Proving once again they have the best sense of humor in rap, The Roots brought Amy & Nick of Karmin onstage to rock with them at a recent show at Tufts University. In case you live under a rock (hey, we’re neighbors!) the duo have become youtube celebrities with their church organ + virtuoso rap karaoke cover of ┬áthe Chris Brown/Lil Wayne/Busta Rhymes/Diplo/Afrojack radio anthem “Look At Me Now.” The funniest parts of this 8-plus minutes are the crowd shots, where you can see the full spectrum of fan reaction from mind-melting to head-bopping but not really getting it to utter confusion. Of course the joke is that Amy nails these verses, even more impressive ┬álive than on the original youtube (after the jump, for comparison) where I’m pretty sure she’s using a teleprompter on the 2nd Lil Tunechi verse. On the other hand it does lack some of the genius of the original; the perfect look-in-the-camera comic timing and unnecessarily soulful flourishes on the “fresher than a mug” and “I’m gettin’ paperrrrrr” ad-libs, for instance. The live mic set-up loses some of the tongue-twisting on Busta’s verse too, which at points just sounds like a lot of “nimmy nimmy naga naga.” Of course, if you not really focusing thats kinda what Busta’s verse sounds like in real life, too.

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