Video: Declaime-Interplanetary Peace Talks [Trailer] - Okayplayer

Video: Declaime-Interplanetary Peace Talks [Trailer]

by Eddie "STATS"
8 years ago

Behold the trailer for Interplanetary Peace Talks – a new documentary film following the activities of visonary rapper, vocalist and funkonaut Declaime AKA Dudley Perkins. That title is in no way hyperbole–the trailer sets off with the words “I was able to see myself from all four corners of the room” and goes deeper from there. A bit out there for the mainstream, perhaps? But then again it might be more mainstream then you think because let’s be honest, times is weird these days (no Theo). And when the mothership is acting a little wonky we could all benefit from having SomeOthaShip parked on a strategic getaway trajectory. Interplanetary Peace Talks lands in stores next Tuesday August 30th and in the spirit of the times, Okayplayer will be debuting it in it’s entirety right here the same day. Watch above (and stay attuned for more).

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