TIDAL Releases 15 Rare Prince Album For The Icon's Birthday
TIDAL Releases 15 Rare Prince Album For The Icon's Birthday

Unreleased Music From Prince's Vault Could Arrive Next Year

TIDAL Releases 15 Rare Prince Album For The Icon's Birthday

As Prince's infamous Paisley Park prepares for its grand opening as a museum next month, people tasked with organizing and structuring the building to the artist's desires have now reached his vault, and it looks like we might be getting some unreleased material some time next year.

In a report from Rolling Stone former Prince lawyer L. Londell McMillan said that a possible hits package could be released by year's end, as well as added that fans should expect to hear some unreleased recording in 2017.

"We're still doing inventory, and we're still mourning," McMillan said. "I know the world wants to commercialize it, but we're still getting through the stuff."

An unnamed source also states that the vault contains "thousands upon thousands" of tapes, but this isn't surprising. There's always been a mythic allure to Prince's vault, and knowing that there's a massive collection of unreleased music and video is only a testament to the iconic guitarist's artistry.

However, no Prince associate has been put in charge of sifting through the material. So far the only person called on to do an advisory role has been Susan Rogers, Prince's engineer for much of the 1980s, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

"We need to approach this with love and care and a high moral compass," Rogers said. "Some of his fans have written to me and begged that his material not be altered in any way."

In other Prince related news some of the musician's earliest recordings will be released in late October. These recordings, done by Pepé Wille's band 94 East, finds a 19-year-old Prince jamming on just about every instrument and playing everything from disco to funk. The reissue will come in the form of a 3xLP vinyl set, and will accompanied by an interview with Willie.