House Democrats File Lawsuit To Obtain Donald Trump's Tax Returns

House Democrats File Lawsuit To Obtain Donald Trump's Tax Returns

House Democrats File Lawsuit To Obtain Donald Trump's Tax Returns

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A request for Trump’s tax returns was originally made on April 3.

After months of delay, a lawsuit against Donald Trump to obtain his tax returns has been filed.

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The Democratic-led House Ways and Means Committee filed the lawsuit in D.C. District Court on Tuesday. The suit is against the Treasury and the IRS, including its respective leaders, Steve Mnuchin and Charles Rettig, respectively, according to CNN.

Richard Neal, the chairman for the House Ways and Means Committee, is using an IRS provision known as 6103 to try and get Trump’s tax returns. The provision “allows the Chairmen of the House Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee to request and obtain an individual’s tax information for a legitimate legislative purpose.”

“In refusing to comply with the statute, Defendants have mounted an extraordinary attack on the authority of Congress to obtain information needed to conduct oversight of Treasury, the IRS, and the tax laws on behalf of the American people who participate in the Nation’s voluntary tax system,” House attorneys wrote in the suit.

The complaint also goes on to say that the “refusal to produce the requested materials” has deprived the House panel of “information necessary to complete its time-limited investigation,” and that the committee is asking the court to order the defendants “to comply with Section 6103(f) and the subpoenas by producing the requested information immediately.”

Neal had initially requested Trump’s tax returns on April 3. The Treasury Department formally denied the request at the beginning of May. Neal responded issuing subpoenas to the IRS and the Treasury.

The lawsuit is one of several others involving other committees and members of Congress seeking Trump financial records.

Source: CNN

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