Trump Accuses Obama Of "Wiretapping" Trump Tower

Offering No Proof, Trump Accuses Obama Of "Wiretapping" Trump Tower

Donald Trump Blames Barack Obama For The Nationwide Protests

Photo of Donald Trump and President Barack Obama courtesy of BGR.com.

This morning, Americans will wake up to reading that President Trump accuses Obama, yes, former President Barack Obama, of “wiretapping” his Trump Tower residence before Election Day.

Of course, the 45th Cheesehead-in-Chief offers no veritable proof or evidence in his claims, but we are reported about it anyway for the sheer damning rhetoric he is attempting to stoke in the country.

See the tweets below:

As you can see for yourself, Trump doesn’t offer any proof or reference any report he received from any member of the intelligence community. Yesterday, Breitbart News reported via Mark Levin that Obama executed a “silent coup” of Trump via “police state tactics,” but all this could be very well another distraction orchestrated by Steve Bannon to make people stop talking about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s ties to Russia.

This all falls in line with the president’s tendency to tweet things shortly after they were published on pro-Trump websites like “Gateway Pundit” or “Drudge Report”.

Get this guy all the way the fluck outta here.

H/T: Heavy.com

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