Top Rank Magazine Talks Nameplate Jewelry Style

Top Rank Magazine Discusses Nameplate Jewelry On Debut Podcast

by Kevito
4 years ago

Photo by David Urbanke

For those in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut coming into the Tri-State area is full of wonder, innovation and media. As New York continues to be the predominate place for news, a colorful, much-needed and very thorough publication rises to kick the real truth about the awesomeness of women and change the way people think about feminism.

Top Rank Magazine, founded by friends Alice Grandoit and Marquita Harris, was put together while the two powerful women were on a train ride home from Barclays Center. Grandoit, who has a very strong rep within the music industry, accurately noted that most magazines only chatted with women who looked the same. Inspired by the challenge provided, Top Rank was formed to discuss the challenges that women faced and chronicle the obstacles and successes that women of all kinds and styles experience.

Their first issue, which is available now, was quickly impactful in New York City and featured transgender rights activist Janet Mock on the cover. After having a very proud 2015, the group kicks off the new year with their first podcast program. We’re excited to present the debut episode of Top Rank Magazine‘s “The Personal is Political,” where hosts Marcel Rosa-Salas and Isabel Flower discuss a hip-hop staple, nameplate jewelry, its social history and its relevance in American culture today.

As human beings, the aesthetics of taste is deeply rooted and embedded in our DNA. From asserting one’s presence to declaring where one originates — this episode digs into the conversations and contentions surrounding identity, style and the convergence of both. Top Rank‘s inaugural podcast program was created to embolden their bi-annual, Brooklyn-based print publication, which is you haven’t seen around the way, you should actively seek out and digest immediately.

Without any further ado, we concede the floor to Marcel and Isabel, as they two converse with several women and ask them to recount their own “nameplate stories”. As they also interview historians, professors, writers, artists, jewelers and nameplate jewelry wearers to stitch together a regional, if not cultural history of the style — witness the flyness about a hip-hop staple recorded at Red Bull Studios in New York City.

You can listen to epsisode 01 via the SoundCloud player below or just subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

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