Tom Price on Trumpcare: 'Nobody Will Be Worst Off Financially'

HHS Secretary Tom Price on Trumpcare: "Nobody Will Be Worst Off Financially"

HHS Secretary Tom Price on Trumpcare: "Nobody Will Be Worst Off Financially"

Photo of Tom Price courtesy of Politico.

If you haven’t seen Chuck Todd‘s Meet The Press on NBC then do yourself a favor + get hip. Today’s episode found the host chatting with HHS Secretary Tom Price to talk about the bill that Trump plans on using to replace the Affordable Care Act.

With hundreds of thousands of Americans concerned about the multiple reasons this new bill could backfire (increase coverage cost, out-of-pocket costs, the destruction of Medicare) — Tom Price was hoping to calm any fears during his Meet The Press appearance.

Thanks to Chuck Todd’s investigative grilling + Price’s willingness to duck his questions — it is apparent that the latter’s guarantee is being placed on flimsy support beams:

“I firmly believe that nobody will be worse off financially in the process that we’re going through, understanding that they’ll have choices, that they can select the kind of coverage that they want for themselves and for their family, not that government forces them to buy. So there’s cost that needs to come down, and we believe we’re gonna be able to do that through this system. There’s coverage that’s gonna go up.”

While Tom Price was too busy doing his best Kellyanne Conway impersonation by speaking in generalities, Chuck Todd hammered him on not going into specifics to back up his claims. All of this won’t do especially well to convince those who are already convinced that Trumpcare won’t work. If the GOP continues to raise the premiums us Americans will have to pay, there is no way that they can guarantee that we won’t be “worse off financially” by the new plan.

Watch the full interview below:

H/T: Huffington Post

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