Tim Love Lee & Shawn Lee Rework Rare KPM 1000 Series LPs

Tim Love Lee & Shawn Lee Rework Rare KPM 1000 Series LPs

by karaslamb
April 17, 2014 2:21 PM

Tim Love Lee & Shawn Lee Drop The 20-Track 'New York Love/Electric Progression' LP Rework Of Rare 1000 Series KPM Library Albums

Producers and self-professed library music junkies Tim Love Lee and Shawn Lee have reworked two rare KPM 1000 series LP’s, adding their own special touch to the Herbie Flowers and Barry Morgan originals on the 20-track New York Trouble/Electric Progression LP. The project released this week features souped up extended tracks sporting added drums, fuzz guitars, synths, organ, Rhodes and more. Recorded between London and Brooklyn, the album also boasts flutes and saxophone from Andy Ross and trumpet from Dominic Glover. The result of this painstaking work is a powerhouse of a release that pays tribute to Flowers and Morgan, both of whom are widely recognized as pillars of the British session and library recording world. The reworks have arrived with a very explicit set of instructions for optimum enjoyment:

Step 1 – Somehow find copies of two very rare 1970â€ēs KPM 1000 series LPs featuring only the sparse rhythm section of bassist Herbie Flowers and drummer Barry Morgan, rather imaginatively titled Bass Guitar And Percussion Volumes 1 & 2.

Step 2 – Set out to faithfully bring the original recordings to their logical conclusion 40 years later by putting our dirty little overdubs all over them!

Step 3 – back in your Eames repro chair, slap this platter on your Pioneer and drop the needle baby!

Check the track below to preview New York Trouble/Electric Progression LP. Purchase the digital download, CD or vinyl release from Tummy Touch Records. Stay tuned for more.

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