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Throwback Thursday: Marcus Logan Remembers That Time Biggie & Tupac’s Mothers 1st Met + BTS Of The ‘No Way Out’ Tour w/ Busta Rhymes

Throwback Thursday: Marcus Logan Remembers That Time Biggie & Tupac’s Mothers 1st Met + BTS Of The ‘No Way Out’ Tour w/ Busta Rhymes

There was a spread of food everywhere from grilled chicken to mixed veggies. Friends and family alongside some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen filled the air with the excitement building for the show. Jennifer Lopez, Faith Evans and Usher were casually hanging around laughing and talking with everyone in the room. It was surreal. Mase, the Lox & Lil Cease are playing a dice game of cee-lo and the vibe was simply beautiful.

Nervously I introduced myself to everyone as I waited for Puff, who suddenly enters the room. I respectfully say hello and Puff just stares at me. I give him the rundown of my directives, given me by Bad Boy GM Jeff Burroughs with the belief that I am doing everything exactly as I am supposed to. Puff continues to stare at me with a blank, emotionless gaze, then says “Don’t fuck my shit up” and tells me to leave. I shit on myself in my mind, asking what just happened?

I immediately call Jeff and tell him the story & he laughs then says, if you need anything just let him know. Comforted by the word of assurance I go on my way to prepare for the next day by introducing myself to as many artists and managers as I can. I see Lil Kim & Cease; Carl Thomas; Kelly Price, Foxy Brown, Usher, Ma$e….a virtual who’s who in the world of hip-hop and r&b. I tell them my objectives and surprisingly they all give me a word of cooperation. If only it were so simple. Lastly, I run into Jay Z and Dame Dash. I nervously stop in front of both and and give them my pitch for arranging meet & greets. Jay Z looks at me similar to Puff but his stare suggests that he wants to smack the shit out of me, just for not knowing who I was. Dame laughs as they both ignore me and walk past. In the background I hear “NARC!”

ME? A NARC?! But I’m from Brooklyn, I say to myself–Crown Heights. I have never even talked to a police officer ever short of the little league PAL baseball team I played for. Embarrassed, I am stopped in my tracks until Busta Rhymes, who witnessed the whole the situation, comes to me and says:

“Look man, I see how you have been moving since you arrived. Don’t take anything personal. Everyone here has their own world they live and it has nothing to do with you. Be persistent, ask for help when you need it and most of all stay professional.”

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Busta then walks me to each artist and introduces me formally. After that day everything moved the way I needed it to move. I was so persistent with Ma$e and the Lox in fact that they began to call me “Hound Dog” for always seeking a way to find them when it cam time for press interviews. Over time the jokes became grudging respect and after a month Puff crosses my path and says: “you’re doing an amazing job. If you need anything just ask and I will have it taken care of for you.”

I felt like a GOD from that day on. The tour was a pinnacle moment in my own career and an unforgettable moment in hip- hop history. In total over 50 cities were toured and the reception was overwhelmingly positive, city for city and state by state. Puff reset the precedent for hip-hop tours in the ’90s. In light of a few negative experiences that marred the culture of hip-hop it was Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs who let the world know that this music can be a positive experience and a collection of top-tier superstars can share the stage together in harmony and in the spirit of HIP-HOP. Overall I have only great words to share about Sean Combs & the time I spent at Bad Boy (1997-2002). Sean Combs is a rare breed and having had the opportunity to work with him was a blessing. It was and is truly a family that he created and I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with everyone who I crossed paths with. My name is Marcus Logan and although I may not say it I am truly a Bad Boy 4 Life!

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