Denitia + Sene's 'No Smoking in the Bedroom' Is Smoking Hot [Premiere]

There's 'No Smoking In The Bedroom' In New Denitia + Sene Short Film [Premiere]

denitia and sene.

As we leave 2016 and inch ever to the future of 2020, music is continuing to morph and change in a myriad of ways. Adding their mix of futuristic flavor to the mix are the Brooklyn electro-pop duo denitia and sene who are back with an exclusive piece of dopeness called, “No Smoking in the Bedroom”. After linking up back in 2011, the two have curated a healthy career in the Brooklyn art and music scene.

Sharing the extraordinary pleasure of being able to be someone else (you can see sene in White Girl) — these two creatives have taken their chilled-out sounds to the next level with their latest clip, which is directed by aaronisnotcool. “Our first collaborations had such an ease to them,” recalls Denitia in a press release. “It just seemed like an obvious thing to keep going. Then, after we put out our first EP the response was pretty immediate.” With the hype certainly real, denitia and sene are worth paying the price of admission.

As you can see for yourself by pressing play below, be sure to keep their sophomore full-length affair, love and noir, which is set to be released November 18. Lastly, make sure to mark November 17 on your calendar as the masters of soulful sensuality will give audiophiles a rocking good time at New York City’s Mercury Lounge.

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