theMIND's "Animated Ambition" Is Basically A '90s Cartoon

theMIND's "Animated Ambition" Is Basically A '90s Cartoon

theMIND's "Animated Ambition" Is Basically A '90s Cartoon

Throughout the past several years Chicago has become a beacon for talented emerging artists. From Coloring Book creator Chance the Rapper to Jamila Woods (who just dropped her debut album HEAVN), the city continues to churn out creative and new music.

Last month fellow Chicago artist theMIND dropped his debut project Summer Camp. The 11 track release showed what theMIND was capable of outside of his collective THEMpeople, with the artist mixing R&B and hip-hop and showcasing his songwriting abilities, while collaborating alongside Knox Fortune, Noname, Carter Lang, Towkio, Donnie Trumpet and Peter Cottontale.

Now theMIND is back with a brand new track that’s accompanied with some great visuals. Titled “Animated Ambition” the song features the aforementioned Noname, as well as frequent collaborator Mick Jenkins and Jesse Boykins III, with all of them turned into colorful animated characters in the music video.

Directed by Tristan Zammit the video is reminiscent of old school ’90s cartoons (I got some Doug vibes for sure) as bright colors pulse in the background, and the artists provide their contributions. “When I was young thought I’d grow to be a cartoon,” sings theMIND, a declaration that’s nostalgic and relatable. Jenkins’ verse only adds to the nostalgia as he references Rugrats, Patty Mayonnaise, Recess and Hey Arnold!

Overall, the track will make you miss those days of waking up early on Saturday mornings and flipping back and forth between Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and ABC. The days when there weren’t any real responsibilities, and all you had to worry about is what cereal you would eat while watching your favorite cartoons. Even though “Animated Ambition” doesn’t appear on Summer Camp it embodies the same theme of the latter, with theMIND reimagining the summers of his childhood and looking back on how much has changed since those days.

Check out the video below and stream Summer Camp here.

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