WATCH: A$AP Ferg's 'Yammy Gang' Video Honor A$AP Yams

The Spirit Of A$AP Yams Lives On In A$AP Ferg's 'Yammy Gang' Video


It has been over a year since the unfortunate passing of Steven Rodriguez, better known to music fans as A$AP Yams. The connector, A&R, genius and all-around creator of the A$AP Worldwide movement has not been forgotten by his friends and family. To champion his life and spirit, A$AP Ferg has just released “Yammy Gang,” which features A$AP Rocky and clips of the late Yamborgini dancing along to the tune.

With the vintage visuals flashing across the scene, the A$AP Mob keeps things light and pay tribute to his life by having as much raucous fun as possible. The video features the Harlem gang hanging out in the recesses of a desert, whipping a jeep around and racks being displayed in front of the camera. At the end of “Yammy Gang,” Yams’ mother, Tatiana Paulina, who also appeared in the “Yamborghini High” video, delivers a message to fans of her late son.

“This is for all my beautiful people around the world. My son was a genius. I want to continue his legacy,” she said.

True to Paulino’s wishes, the Harlem collective paid homage to her son in an uplifting way. Smiles, came shorts, cheery ad-libs and Lil’ B shoutouts imbue the video with that spirit of energetic fun that A$AP Yams was known for, making “Yammy Gang” a video you should immediately press play on.

Watch the video below and share your favorite A$AP Yams moment in the comments section:

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