The Sextones Release 'Moonlight Vision,' First Single "Drunk Off Your Love"

The Sextones Release 'Moonlight Vision,' First Single "Drunk Off Your Love"

The Sextones Release 'Moonlight Vision,' First Single "Drunk Off Your Love"

Photo of The Sextones courtesy of Press Junkie PR.

The Sextones are a highly respected band formed from West Coast’s finest musicians. Mark Sexton (guitar / vocals), Alexander Korostinsky (bass), Daniel Weiss (drums) and Ryan Taylor (keys) together have toured across the nation and shared stages with Macy Grey, Ziggy Marley and renowned funkologist Alan Evans of Soulive.

Now, The Sextones are showcasing their brand of smoked out soul on their debut album, Moonlight Vision, and whetting appetites with the first single, “Drunk Off Your Love”. Fueled by smooth grooves, a growling bass line and catchy vocal acrobatics courtesy of Mark Sexton, “Drunk Off Your Love” is delightful and easy to groove to.

“This pop song originally started as a downtempo acoustic song,” singer Mark Sexton said in an interview with Pure Volume. “At the time, we were all listening to a lot of neo-soul music from the early 2000s. I remember having so much fun creating demos for this song in Alex [Korostinsky]’s room. At one point things just started clicking. The song evolved into the driving song you hear on the album.”

Described as “obsessive compulsive perfectionists,” The Sextones spent over a year in post-production, tweaking the knobs and placing the project under a microscope until it reached its final state. Moonlight Vision, which came out yesterday (Apr. 7) is the result of a Herculean work ethic, mixed with a Sherlock Holmes-esque attention to detail and a nuance that can be appreciated by true music lovers.

Listen to “Drunk Off Your Love” below and experience all that this well-versed band has to offer on Moonlight Vision, which you can cop here.


1. Push On Through
2. Drunk Off Your Love
3. How Could I Have Known
4. Analog Girl
5. Home Is You
6. Goodbye Yesterday
7. Blame It On My Youth
8. I Still Care
9. Can’t Stop
10. Moonlight Vision
11. The End

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