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The KickDrums - The Ghost Mixtape

by shamz
8 years ago

Cleveland bred, Brooklyn based duo The Kickdrums will be releasing their latest album, Meet Your Ghost on June 28th. In the meantime, to give you an idea of where they’ve been taking their sound as of late, they dropped this free project, The Ghost Mixtape. The tape has features from RZA, The Kid Daytona, U-N-I, Freddie Gibbs, and more. Follow me after the jump for the download link and tracklisting.


01. The KickDrums – Ghost Intro
02. The KickDrums – Perfect World (feat. RZA)
03. Machine Gun Kelly – Stereo (feat. Fitts)
04. The KickDrums – Take Shape Automatically (Feat. Kid Daytona)
05. The KickDrums – All Over Again
06. The KickDrums – How to Disappear (Feat. Verabal)
07. The KickDrums – Colors Interlude
08. The KickDrums – Thinking Out Loud
09. Hot As Sun – Come Come (KickDrums Remix)
10. Peter Bjorn & John – Lay It Down (feat. GLC & Trouble Andrew) (Prod. By The Kickdrums)
11. Scarface – To the Beat of the Drum (Prod. by The KickDrums)
12. The KickDrums – We Can Never Go Back M Love (Feat. U-N-I)
13. The KickDrums – Open Your Eyes
14. The Kid Daytona – Take Aim… Boom! (Feat. Freddie Gibbs & Fitts)
15. The KickDrums – Optimistic Captive
16. The KickDrums – I’m Gonna Dress In All Black
17. The KickDrums – Autonomy
18. The KickDrums – Love Buzz (Nirvana Cover)
19. The KickDrums – Animal

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