The Gold Setting Offers Laid-Back Grooves With "My Love"

The Gold Setting Offers Laid-Back Pop Grooves With "My Love"

by Kevito
February 28, 2017 1:15 PM

The Gold Setting Offers Laid-Back Pop Grooves With "My Love"

Photo of Liza Colby from The Gold Setting courtesy of Copacetic PR.

Liza Colby, the alluring siren who fuels the vocals for The Gold Setting, channels that feel good ’60s soul with Tina Turner-esque swagger on “My Love”.

Certainly set to be a smash for the springtime, “My Love” is an amalgam of vintage instrumentation, California grooves with bold electro-pop textures and Motown-flavored songwriting. As Liza’s smooth, enchanting vocals wrap you up like a warm blanket while sitting on a grassy lawn, “My Love” is enriched by the work of producer / musician Godfrey At Large, Todd Simon (Ghostface Killah), Adam Berg (Decoders) and Richard Rudolph (Stevie Wonder, A Tribe Called Quest).

Organic, yet packed with that explosive pop that comes with using modern technology, “My Love” is an inescapable experience that only makes the listener want more. This offering from their debut EP, Volume and Tone, is just the beginning. Get familiar with “My Love,” then check back here in a few as we will formally introduce The Gold Setting to our Okayplayer audience in the next installment of our First Look Friday series.

Volume and Tone EP Tracklist

1. Being Without You
2. My Love
3. Gimme Your Live
4. Video Star

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