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TDE Gives Album Updates + Addresses The Media’s Coverage Of The Charleston Shooting

TDE Gives Album Updates + Addresses The Media’s Coverage Of The Charleston Shooting

It Looks Like Dave Free Just Announced A New TDE Project. Whose Is It?

TDE Gives Album Updates + Addresses The Media's Coverage Of The Charleston Shooting

It’s a rare thing to see TDE‘s heavyweights in one place at any time. 2014 proved to be a massive one for the crew, but with all of the success the West Coast camp has been subject to as of late (particularly in regards to Kendrick Lamar‘s To Pimp A Butterfly LP and Jay Rock‘s recent resurgence) we’re glad to see the Top Dawgs (though lacking in their first lady’s presence) coming together to touch on some more hard-hitting matters. Much of the interview is devoted to more topical issues, addressing the prospect of a Black Hippy record, updates on each of their forthcoming records. But it was when the attention turned to the tragic act of hatred that took place in Charleston roughly two weeks ago, we saw a visibly distraught K Dot express his frustration, shading that there are ulterior motives behind the act and all of those very well documented murders of black men, women and children that we’ve encountered over the past few years. Schoolboy Q, in a rare clear-eyed moment even chimes in on the subject, taking the media’s coverage to task, raising the issue of whether too much coverage is a cause for concern and actually proliferates hatred in communities faced daily with cases of police brutality and hate crimes at large. And while personally, I’m inclined to say that the more we do to humanize the victims of these tragedies the better, maybe there is such a thing as overkill in these heavy-hearted times. You can watch TDE’s roster speak on the Charleston shooting down below, just be sure to drop your two cents in the comment section to let us know where you stand.


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