T.I. Retracts Hillary Clinton Comments

Not Okay, Player: T.I. Walks Back Hillary Clinton Comments...But Not Fast Enough For Twitter

Not Okay, Player: T.I. Walks Back Hillary Clinton Comments...But Not Fast Enough For Twitter

Imagine overhearing a conversation with your favorite rapper — in this case it is Clifford “T.I.” Harris — and he is discussing politics. You think to yourself that this Atlanta legend who is gifted with wordplay and phonetics can quite clearly and effectively reason his positions as to whom he would be placing his ballot for.

And then you hear him say, “Not to be sexist, but…”

With his fellow Southern fried counterpart, Pharrell Williams, offering his full support behind Hillary Clinton — T.I. managed to insert both of his feet into his rather big mouth. More celebrities have come out to support Clinton on the eve of the first Democratic debates, yet it seems that T.I. is more akin to digging himself a grave.

The Grand Hustle CEO was chopping it up with DJ Whoo Kid about Travis Scott when talked turned to the leading Democratic presidential candidate (and possible first female Commander-in-Chief). During his chat, T.I. said that there was no way that he could vote for a woman to be president of the United States of America.

“Not to be sexist but, I can’t vote for the leader of the free world to be a woman,” he said. “Every other position that exists, I think a woman could do well.” It is almost as if this intelligent man who boasts about his adventures with such clear and present aplomb has stupidly forgotten about such historical female figures in politics such as Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, Angela Merkel or Golda Meir.

T.I. is no stranger to controversy or sticking his nose in conversations that he doesn’t belong. In a spat between his artist Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks — he disgustingly regarded to the latter as “b***h,” “gremlin-baby,” “musty-mouthed-thot-bod.” Those remarks alone — despite the ones he makes about women in song — would not endear him those who dispense humanitarian awards. Saying that a woman could do well in any other position but president is like saying that only black men can be absentee fathers. It is no secret that even though black men are routinely aggressed upon, they save their best stuff for the “fairer” sex.

In T.I.’s case, it seems that he is using his own personal experiences to gauge the temperament of a proven political powerhouse:

“I just know that women make rash decisions emotionally — they make very permanent, cemented decisions — and then later, it’s kind of like it didn’t happen, or they didn’t mean for it to happen. I mean, it’s not like men have done such a bang-up job of keeping this world all peaceful and clean and safe for mankind.”

As a man first and a student of history, T.I. seems to ignore the rigors of thinking astutely in favor of making a half-hearted quip for some burn. To put it plainly, it seems that in T.I.’s world, a woman can “have whatever she likes” as long as it is money, clothes, jewels or him. Becoming a trending topic so fast in this Internet Age has made stars like T.I. quick to backtrack the moment the bank account gets threatened. For T.I., he sees his preferred vote (even though he’s not able to cast one in the ballot due to his felony status) going to one Donald J. Trump.

Noting that the controversial Republican candidate could be “beneficial” to the country, T.I. believes in the “showmanship” of the faux-coiffured billionaire. “I do feel that if he is sincerely concerned about the economy of America and the working public, he would be the best person to flip the money that we have.” Serious, T.I.?! Is this how you’re going to spend the eve of your career? Yes, you might have the world’s quickest apology of 2015, but you are also ruining your reputation as someone who stood for something.

If a woman is only good to be a mayor or a congresswoman, who is to think that you don’t believe that a woman is only good to be a ride or die chick or trap queen in your world? By continually misspeaking when it comes to females inside and outside of the rap profession, you’re tipping (pun intended) your hat as to what you think about women in a myriad of ways.

You can see the full comments made by T.I. in the video below (skip to 12-minute mark) and hit the pages below to see what the Twitterverse had to say about the Grand Hustle champion.

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