Syracuse Police Arrest Person Suspected Of Writing Graffiti Supporting Campus Protests

Syracuse Police Arrest Person Suspected Of Writing Graffiti Supporting Campus Protests

Syracuse University Students Stage Sit-In Protesting Racist Incidents Occurring On Campus

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UPDATE: The Syracuse Police Department has clarified a recent statement it released in regards to the arrest of a suspect believed to responsible for recent graffiti that has popped up on campus.

The arrest wasn’t in regards to the graffiti found in bathrooms on campus that included racist slurs directed at Black and Asian students, but graffiti that appeared to support the campus protests. The person arrested has been identified as 18-year-old Kym McGowan, and was arrested for criminal mischief in the fourth degree and making graffiti, both misdemeanors. McGowan has since been released on an appearance ticket.

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Students have been leading the sit-in for several days straight.

Students at Syracuse University recently staged a sit-in to protest a number of racist incidents that have recently occurred on the campus.

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The first incident took place on Thursday (November 7) when bathrooms on campus were vandalized with racist slurs and graffiti directed at Black and Asian students. This most recent incidents occurred on Saturday (November 16) and Tuesday (November 19). The former was centered around a group of people from the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity who verbally attacked a black woman and called her the N-word. The latter came about when a white supremacist manifesto was Air-dropped from an unknown person to a group of students studying at the school’s Bird Library.


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Come to the Barnes Center and engage in a movement to improve the student life of the black community.

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On Wednesday (November 13), students organized a day-long sit-in and created the hashtag #NotAgainSU to bring awareness to the incidents. Students also created a list of demands sent out in a school-wide email, which included “the expulsion of anyone involved in the Day Hall vandalism, mandatory diversity training for faculty and staff, and open forums for students to communicate with the school’s Board of Trustees,” according to The Cut.

Since then, Chancellor Kent Syverud issued a statement responding to student demands. Accompanying the statements was a memo, in which he agreed to make revisions to the student code of conduct, which previously didn’t have a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech. The FBI is also assisting the school with its investigation of the incidents.

Source: The Cut

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