Here's Our First-Take Listen To Syd's "Fin" Album [Exclusive]

Here's Our First-Take Listen To Syd's "Fin" Album [Exclusive]

by Kevito
February 03, 2017 9:42 AM

Here's Our First-Take Listen To Syd's "Fin" Album

Photo courtesy of Beats 1.

Last year, the holidays gave us the reveal that The Internet‘s sultry vocalist, Syd, was going to drop a solo project for 2017. Anticipation quickly gave way to impatience, as we wondered out loud in the office just when we would be able to get our ears wrapped around this audio opulence. Slowly, but surely, the coolest Hamilton Music Academy student ever had some tricks up her sleeves. First, came the project’s title, Fin, which elicited a shrill from the haters in the back who felt like this marked the end of The Internet’s reign as a popular group.

Second, she dropped a visual for “All About Me,” and premiered a song through Beats 1 for “Body,” which heightened the hype for the full project. Then, as a complete surprise, my inbox was blessed with the best gift of January (‘cos it certainly wasn’t the inauguration) — I had the full Fin album for listening. Courtesy of the good folks at Sony / Columbia Records, the album will available for public consumption on Feb. 3, which is right around the corner. With production from MeLo-XHit-BoyHaze and Rahki — Fin appears to be “not that deep” on the surface, but totally worth the listen.

As we did with Childish Gambino‘s “Awaken, My Love!” — this first-take listen of Fin will be fueled by gut reactions, streams of consciousness and no pausing, rewinding or editing of my account for the project. So, without any further ado, here is our look at Fin. Enjoy!

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