Sugar Tongue Slim's "I Ain't Got It" Intros The World To NAC

Sugar Tongue Slim's "I Ain't Got It" Introduces The World To NAC

by Kevito
February 01, 2016 2:45 PM


Hear ‘ye, hear ‘ye, gather around as we tell you about the one and only Sugar Tongue Slim.

The creative who first made his appearance to the public on The Roots’ Grammy nominated release, How I Got Over, has impressed audiences with his own act, G.O.L.D. With hits such as “The People” and “In For The Kill,” and my own personal favorite, “Cloud of Endo,” from SMKA’s The 808 Experience: Vol 3 — S.T.S. has proven to be one of the industry’s respected new voices.

Unique in style and embodying a flow that showcases a distinct quality, S.T.S., who is also a member of Black Thought‘s Money Making Jam Boys, has developed another stable in the form of NAC. Comprised of Grammy nominated producers Butta ‘N’ Bizkit and DJ Schoolie V, the trio’s first effort is “I Ain’t Got It,” which you can listen to yourself at the bottom of this post.

Packed with that exuberant energy that made S.T.S. an MTV2 Sucker Free Sunday regular, “I Ain’t Got It” is worth listening to and sharing with friends. Mixed with some humorous bars, band-focused musicianship, a witty line about #NetflixAndChill and a clever hook, “I Ain’t Got It” has the it that real rap fans are looking for.

Trust us, it is worth it if you’re an avid fan of dope rap cuts.

Listen below, or just take it on the road with you by downloading from iTunes. Be sure to keep tabs on the project here as more develops!

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