Stream Jimi Tents' 13-Track Sophomore Effort, 'I Can't Go Home'

Stream Jimi Tents' 13-Track Sophomore Effort, 'I Can't Go Home'

Jimi Tents Drops "Phone Down (Freestyle]"

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Brooklyn, stand up and salute one of your official players in the game—Jimi Tents—as he releases his sophomore effort + celebrates with a performance at Rough Trade NYC tonight (May 23).

One of the very first First Look Friday subjects of the new OKP era, Jimi Tents has elevated his SleeperCamp crew from homegrown to internationally know, while backing up the hype he first proclaimed on his breakout single, “Elmer Fudd”. On I Can’t Go Home, Jimi gets ill over 13 tracks that cohesively thread together uptempo summer jams with reflections on depression and loss,” according to The Fader.

If you haven’t heard songs such as “Should’ve Called Pt. 2,” “Rick Rubin” or “Domino Effect,” you have your chance as the project is available for streaming below. The project also features guest appearances from Crystal Caines, Calez, Saba, Ro James and saidbysed. A coming-of-age story, Jimi will commemorate his moment in the spotlight with a performance at Williamsburg’s Rough Trade NYC. You can cop tickets here.

“‘I Can’t Go Home’ is a state of mind to say the least,” according to Jimi Tents’ press release. “It speaks on change of various multitudes and one’s will to persevere.”

Listen to I Can’t Go Home in full below, plus support the local artist by attending his show at Rough Trade NYC.

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