New Footage Shows Cops Thought Stephon Clark Was Pretending To Be Dead After Shooting Him

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The Sacramento Police Department has released more than 50 videos from the police killing of Stephon Clark, with the footage revealing that officers waited more than five minutes to help Clark after shooting him.

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In a report from the Los Angeles Times, the recently released footage show that cops thought Clark was “pretending” to be unconscious.

As the Times reports:

“He have a gun?” the approaching male officer says. The two officers respond, saying a weapon hasn’t been secured.

“I don’t see it,” one says. “He hasn’t moved at all.”

The officer who just arrived remarks that Clark has one hand by his face. Moments later, they shout at Clark.

“Hey! Can you hear us?” a male officer says.

“Police Department, can you hear us?” another male officer says.

“We need to know if you’re OK,” the female officer says. “We need to get you medics but we can’t go over to get you help unless we know you’re, you don’t have your weapon.”

She suggests to her colleagues that [the] next unit bring a nonlethal weapon: “Let’s have the next unit get, just bring a nonlethal in case he’s pretending.”

Clark was shot at 20 times by officers, with eight striking his neck, torso and leg. In a report from the Sacramento Bee, forensic pathologist Bennet Omalu, who performed an independent autopsy on Clark at the request of his family, said that the 22-year-old might’ve survived between three and 10 minutes after being shot if he had been administered aid.

The new videos also revealed Sacramento officers muted their cameras more than a dozen times. Following Clark’s death, protesters shut down a Sacramento Kings game. After the game the owner of the team, Vivek Ranadive, addressed the crowd, saying “We at the Kings recognize your people’s ability to protest peacefully, and we respect that.”

Source: Los Angeles Times

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