Spotify Developing Technology to Scan Songs for Copyright Infringement

Photo by Puria Berenji on Unsplash

Spotify recently filed for a patent on the new anti-plagiarism technology.

Spotify is reportedly in the market to protect songwriters with a new feature. On Tuesday, Music Business Worldwide reported the platform has filed for a patent on Plagiarism Risk Detection and Interface, which would detect plagiarism on its platform.

The filing explains that the technology will test a lead sheet for plagiarism, comparing the composition in question to all the other songs on the platform. Lead sheets denote songs’ melodies, chords, as well as lyrics. The software could also calculate a “similarity value” of songs in comparison to others.

Spotify named previously plagiarism detection techniques in the filing, like the Music Plagiarism Detection System and Audio Forensics Meets Music Information Retrieval – A Toolbox For Inspection of Music Plagiarism. The latter proposes “detecting and inspecting sampling plagiarism, rhythm plagiarism, and melody plagiarism.” The platform believes it can do better.

According to the filing, Spotify believes these techniques are “significant improvements over manual approaches, they still require significant expertise and are not suited for operation by typical artists and composers, especially artists and composers who are interested in detecting plagiarism during the composition process.”

In order to rectify this disconnect, Spotify’s proposing a graphical user interface that provides visual feedback in real-time for artists.

“Such a tool would allow artists to generate lead sheets more quickly and confidently,” the patent filing reads, “by detecting and providing visual feedback as to whether any aspect of the work has a probability of being deemed plagiaristic.”

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