Spike Lee Brings Rodney King's Story To Netflix In New One-Man-Show

Spike Lee Brings Rodney King's Story To Netflix In New One-Man-Show

by Kevito
3 years ago

Photo of Spike Lee + Roger Guenveur-Smith courtesy of Twitter.

“Whatcha wanna do, Rodney King, reminiscence?”

Those are the first words uttered in the new trailer for Spike Lee‘s highly anticipated film about Rodney King. With it being in the vein of 25 years since the acquittal of four LAPD officers, the Brooklyn filmmaker partners up with actor Roger Guenveur-Smith for a one-man-show about the taxi driver turned police brutality victim.

For those not old enough to remember or never was taught the history of Rodney King in school — in 1991 he was videotaped being beaten by four LAPD officers. It was the first time where Americans outside of the black community were seeing what we had heard about or witness ourselves for decades. Before Tamir Rice, before Michael Brown, before Walter Scott and all of the other men, women and children who have fallen while being captured on a camera’s lens — Rodney King was the face exposed to the world as an example of black injustice and white privilege.

The film marks a slate of Los Angeles focused content that will be coming out this year. In addition to Rodney King, there is L.A. ’92, which is a documentary breaking down the events and moments that triggered the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

Netflix will present this original film by Spike Lee on April 28. Until then, peep the trailer below.

H/T: The Fader

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