South Carolina Lawmakers Propose Bill Banning Saggy Pants On Men And Boys

Source: NBC New York

South Carolina lawmakers are hoping to pass a bill that would ban saggy pants for men and boys throughout the state.

READ: Republican Lawmaker In Mississippi Proposes Law Against Saggy Pants

Both Democrat and Republican lawmakers alike have co-sponsored the bill, which would make it illegal for a person to expose their skin or underwear by wearing their pants “three inches below” the top of their hips, according to a report from WLTX.

Violation fines start at $25 for a first offense; $50 or three hours of community service for a second offense; and $75 or six hours of community service for a third or subsequent offense. The offense wouldn’t be considered criminal or delinquent, and those attending college wouldn’t have their financial aid jeopardized either.

“We have to lead by example,” Charleston County Representative Wendell Gilliard said to WCIV television station. “The pants now are being worn below the knees.”

Gilliard told the station that the issue is one of equality, noting how a woman would be fined for indecent exposure if she sagged her pants.

A number of people on Twitter have spoken out against the proposed bill, with most of them displeased that lawmakers aren’t working on improving gun laws instead, in light of the school shooting in Florida.

A year ago, Republican lawmaker Tom Weathersby proposed a bill in Mississippi that would ban saggy pants. If approved, the punishment will vary depending on the offense: a first offense comes with a warning (if the person is a teenager their parents will also be notified); following that fines will range anywhere from $20 for a second offense to $100 for a sixth offense. The sixth offense would also come with “psychological and social counseling by the Department of Human Services and the Department of Mental Health.”

Source: WLTX

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