Soulfinger Honors Motown With The 'Life, Love & Passion' LP

Soulfinger Music Pays Tribute To The Motown Era w/ 'Life, Love & Passion' [Super-Limited Deluxe LP]

The Soulfinger Music production team pays tribute to the lesser-known gems and giants of the Motown era with the impending Life, Love & Passion LP – a super-limited, hand numbered deluxe vinyl set featuring earth shattering performances from a laundry list of artists whose sounds are derived from the classic soul tradition. The impressive roster includes Kathy Sledge, Leela James, Jaguar Wright, Teedra Moses, Martin Luther, Joi, Syleena Johnson, Anthony David and Ben L’Oncle. The project’s stated goal was to avoid the iconic classics, instead placing the spotlight on the lesser-known compositions of the late 60s and 70s. Each artist on the project is assigned to an expertly produced track from the a steady backing band of killer musicians, including drummer Gene Lake, bassist Jonathan Maron, keyboardist Selan Lerner, guitarist Mike Ciro, Chops Horns and The Maze Ensemble. Soulfinger declined to forego the traditional route for the release of this project, opting instead to make a serious attempt at bringing the value back to the table with a high-quality once-in-a-lifetime release that was 3 years in the works:

Historically, the industry of recorded music is the only industry that has never adapted a wide range of pricing for its goods. For food, clothing, cars, furniture or homes, it is perceived normal to pay more for a product of higher quality, but this principle never has been applied to the sales of recorded music. As a direct consequence, artists traditionally want to sell as many units as possible as sheer sales volume is esteemed a “success” criterion.

With this release, we are aiming to do pretty much the opposite – we want to limit what we’re offering to something highly exclusive, limited in numbers, of lasting value and at a higher price-point than usual.

We’re focusing on a physical only, no digital release, a luxury packaging, super limited collector’s item, offering the option of personalized packaging with the buyer’s name engraved in the leather packaging.

Check the footage below to take a look behind-the-scenes at the forthcoming Life, Love & Passion deluxe vinyl release. Learn more about project, peep exclusive video footage and donate to the Life, Love & Passion fundraising campaign via Kickstarter. Stay tuned for more.

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