Does Having A Good Taste In Music Mean You'll Have More Sex?

Does Having A Good Taste In Music Mean You'll Have More Sex?

by Kevito
February 13, 2016 12:15 PM

Does Having A Good Taste In Music Mean You'll Have More Sex?

Two days before the sweet sounds and smells of love perfume the air. As those who are single engage in a little “cuffing season” and others in love can get their vibes in unison — a new study purports that music and the heart are truly inseparable.

To make matters even better, it seems that human beings are attracted to those with good taste in music. According to Music Makes It Home and Sonos, we have better (and more) sex when the music is on and spend more time in love with one another when the melodies are in tune. Sonos, a true purveyor of powerful sound, has for years been the name in audio circles that’s transformed lives, hearts and homes.

In advance of the launch of Apple Music on Sonos, the team has openly decided to explore what happens when people who live together, listen together — out loud. Dr. Daniel J. Levitin, Ph.D decked out 30 homes IRL with sensors to measure the emotions within before and after. The findings, which can be found at Music Makes It Home, reveal that participants increase their time spent in the bed together by 161% when music is on. American couples who listen to music out loud have sex on average of 3.2 times per week, while couples who don’t jam to tunes out loud only have sex 1.6 times per week.

The survey also noted that 65% of American respondents look at one another more attractively when they hear music being played that they like. 78% of Americans who live in households that play music out loud know what helps to put their partner in the mood for intimacy. No one wants to be in the 46% range of people that don’t play any music in their own household. Lastly, and somewhat most important, couples who have sex to music reportedly enjoy the intimacy 30% more than those who don’t play music at all.

The findings are available for you to see in this short video. Take a look at the information below and have a happy Valentine’s Day, music lovers!

H/T: Music Makes It Home

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