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OKP Exclusive: Son Little Shares The Music + Stories From His Brilliant Self-Titled Debut LP [LP Stream + Interview]

OKP Exclusive: Son Little Shares The Music + Stories From His Brilliant Self-Titled Debut LP [LP Stream + Interview]


SL: “River,” I think of as shaking things up. It’s a little bit more loose and not as concerned about anything, really. I feel like it’s a different type of energy.

“Loser Blues”

SL: Sometimes I feel the need to really use a traditional blues form. It’s blues, really in form only, with all kind of other things you don’t normally find there. But the idea is conceived like a blues song. The lyrics were just there. That day, I really opened my book and thought “Oh, well let’s just make this music.” It was really reductive in the way that I took things away and scaled back and took so many words away and repeated things instead.

OKP: Finally, let’s talk “About A Flood”” and “Real Goodbye”? It’s always interesting as to the track that artists select to close their album–the place where you want to leave people. What place did you want to leave them in—which one of them is the true closer?

“About A Flood”

SL: I think thematically for the record, they are where they are for pretty good reasons. I really did think about those being in different positions. “About a Flood” I think is kind of the true end. It’s also the last song that i wrote during the time that I wrote all of these songs, and it’s almost like gathering my feelings about all of it. Including the experience of writing it. Like I said, there have been are dark moments in a dark time in general, and I’ve had my share of those. It’s almost like you just want to find ways to rise above it. To take negatives and turn them into positives. But at the same time, I usually find if I’m really down about something, that I spend too much time on it and can miss something else. Another opportunity or something else that you have that’s positive. There’s a line about “Catfish all around,” and that’s just the idea of really being aware of what you have. Different kinds of wealth that a person can possess. That song means a lot to me in that way. It really summed up a lot of things for me.

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“Real Goodbye”

SL: “Real Goodbye,” I think of the style of it—it’s something I had the music for for a long time, it’s something I play a lot, whenever i pick up a guitar. It’s comfortable. I just sort of mindlessly play it. The production of the song doesn’t sound like it’s that way, though. I did something very different. And that, to me, in a musical sense sums up a lot of what I did. And what I’ve been doing is coming up with an idea and sometimes just translating it into something completely different. Maybe the baseline become the vocal melody, or the vocal melody becomes the baseline. Or the bass gets edited out. I had this thing that I’ve played on guitar a thousand times, and then I turn the guitar track off.


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