"I jumped the gun" - Ski Beatz Issues An Apology To Yasiin Bey

"I jumped the gun" - Ski Beatz Issues An Apology To Yasiin Bey

by zo
September 02, 2015 11:04 AM

"I jumped the gun" - Ski Beatz Issues An Apology To Yasiin Bey

Last week proved to be an awfully eventful one for fans of the mighty Yasiin Beywho appeared to have dropped his first single under the old moniker Mos Def when the back-in-action-single “Sensei On The Block” hit the internets with force. But anyone who had been following Bey’s tracks over the years was likely left head-scratching at the fact the track was credited to Mos as opposed to his current alias (we were included, no doubt,) which prompted a rather scathing response from the jet-set rapper, who condemned any and all who use the name and the unsanctioned release of the track in a statement issued almost immediately following the drop.

And so, there was much to be sorted in the wake of that release. For instance, how did it even go up for sale without Bey’s stamp? And why would whoever relinquished the cut have chosen to use a name for the artist that he no longer identified with. Luckily, producer Ski Beatz has stepped up to claim ownership of the misstep, claiming to have “jumped the gun” in a statement that sees him apologizing for the unauthorized release, crediting the cut to Mos to represent the 2010 time stamp of the song’s creation, at which point Bey was still referring to himself as Mos. All of which is fairly understandable, if not a little disappointing for fans that were looking to get comfortable with calling Black Dante by his OG title. But that’s the way of the world, y’all; Mos today, Bey tomorrow. Watch Ski Beatz’s apology below.

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