Premiere: Seramic + Bootsy Collins Get Funky On Greg's Love

Premiere: Seramic Gets Funky With Bootsy Collins On "Greg's Love" Track

by Kevito
September 19, 2016 6:00 PM

Premiere: Seramic Gets Funky With Bootsy Collins On "Greg's Love" Track

It has already been a super-successful year for the London-based songwriter, Seramic. In addition to touring his homelands, Seramic is joining the one, the only Jack Garratt on tour in the UK. So, to celebrate the event, the multi-instrumentalist and all-around funky human being graces us here at Okayplayer with a new cut. Titled “Greg’s Love,” the song has a spiritual tone to it, as well as a special guest appearance in the form of Bootsy Collins.

“[Greg’s Love] has a funky gospel feeling to it,” he told us about the song exclusively. “[As well as] a very inspirational message that made me say, ‘Funk yeah!’ I want to be in this army of love.” With the master of the Rubber Band involved, Seramic asks us as listeners to celebrate and revel in the fresh and exciting. “The song started from a bass line that Greg, my bass player sent me, which was born from the guitar of Bootsy Collins,” Seramic told us in an interview. “When we came up with the groove we just couldn’t stop dancing, so we knew it had to be a party song.”

Few artists have the power to just let go and not take themselves too seriously. Fortunately, Seramic is one of those acts who can celebrate and rave unto the joy fantastic. Audiophiles should expect “a pretty wild ride,” according to Seramic, as he explains that “Greg’s Love” is “like going on a ghost train in a leotard after a few dirty martinis.” Hahaha! If you don’t know, it is quite a feat to get Bootsy Collins on your song, so it makes sense that Seramic and his crew were attempting to summon the Lord of the Funk while making the track. “It made sense to call him up and ask him to spread some love and teach us how it is done, which was a dream come true.”

For fans of the late Prince or who are into Sly and The Family Stone, listening to “Greg’s Love” by Seramic is an experience in the style of these two mixed with some Tom Waits and D’Angelo. Press play, we promise your toes won’t stop tapping from ecstasy.

Listen to “Greg’s Love” below, and don’t forget to follow Seramic (and us!) on Twitter @SeramicOfficial.

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