Sean Price & Illa Ghee Cool Out In A New "Figure More" Video

Sean Price & Illa Ghee Cool Out In Brooklyn For The New "Figure More" Video

by Scott Heins
September 01, 2015 4:48 PM

Sean Price Figure More Video Large

Sean Price, in a way, will never leave Brooklyn. His spirit will live on, be it in murals or the rhythmic memories of fans who knew him as one of the borough’s best local talents. Before he tragically passed away last month, Price shot a video with Illa Ghee for “Figure More,” the lead-off song on his excellent (and final) mixtape Songs in the Key of Price.

In the video, which is animated creatively in a comic book style, we watch the two MCs enjoy a sunny day in the neighborhood, taking it easy on the basketball court, the the stoop, the corner and elsewhere. It’s laid-back and confident, just like Sean himself. Watch the “Figure More” clip below, pickup Songs in the Key of Price via Duck Down today, and peruse its complete tracklisting just after the jump. And as always, RIP to one of the very best and brightest stars of hip-hop.

Songs in the Key of Price Tracklist:

1. Intro
2. Figure More ft. Illa Ghee
3. S.E.A.N
4. Hot Breath
5. Brazil
6. Top Tier
7. Garbanzo Beans
8. Give Em Hell ft. Illa Ghee
9. Psycho Killa
10. D.L.F ft. Foul Mondaym, RIM & Royal Flush
11. Bobby McBarz ft. Ike Eyes
12. Breeze
13. Orange Box Cutter
14. Fei Long
15. Go Rambo ft. Illa Ghee & Head I.C.E.
16. RNS
17. Planet Apes
18. Metal Beard ft. Vic Spencer
19. Barbituates ft. Labba, RIM & Illa Ghee
20. Dave Winfield ft. Illa Ghee
21. Kurt Rambis
22. Sean Shank Redemption ft. Starvin B
23. Infinity Gauntlet ft. Starvin B
24. Niggerific
25. 4 No Reason
26. Elmer Fudd ft. Starvin B & Foul Monday
27. Enigma ft. Illa Ghee
28. Magic ft. Foul Monday & Royal Flush
29. Soul Perfect ft. Illa Ghee
30. El Raheim ft. RIM

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