'Saturday Night Live' Parodies The Tone-Deaf Pepsi Ad

'Saturday Night Live' Parodies The Tone-Deaf Pepsi Ad

'Saturday Night Live' Parodies The Tone-Deaf Pepsi Ad

Photo of ‘Saturday Night Live’ courtesy of YouTube.

Saturday Night Live came back from hiatus with a sketch that rips one of the stupidest, ill-timed, culturally insensitive ads of all time, last week’s Pepsi ad.

In real life, the Kendall Jenner starring advert was pulled (along with an equally dumb spot from Nivea) by Pepsi after #BlackTwitter and the rest of the world expressed rage, bemusement and creative memes meant to criticize the ad.

Instead of recreating the ad, SNL had Beck Bennett play the director behind the commercial in a behind-the-scenes spot, where he attempts to justify the co-opting of the Black Lives Matter movement and multiculturalism. As he slowly comes to the actualization that his “singular vision” is wildly out of pocket, Beck’s character tries to find a way out of a highly embarrassing situation.

Cecily Strong also has a strong showing as Kendall Jenner, who knows about the DNA of the ad, saying, “I stop the police from shooting people by handing them a Pepsi? I know, it’s cute, right?”

It is a hilarious take on a dastardly situation by a soda company out of touch with what’s going on in the world today. Watch the skit for yourself below + share your thoughts with us @Okayplayer.

H/T: Us Weekly

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