Sage Steele Defends #MuslimBan + Twitter Blasts Her For It

ESPN's Sage Steele Denounces #MuslimBan Protestors

ESPN's Sage Steele Defends The #MuslimBan + Twitter Blasts Her For It

Photo courtesy of ESPN.

This is not the first time that Twitter had to drag Sage Steele over hot coals, and it sure looks like it won’t be the last. The ESPN broadcaster spoke out about Donald Trump‘s Muslim travel ban that he put into place last week. The executive order angered people around the world, as places like Los Angeles International Airport + John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City were greatly affected. On both sides of the coast, thousands of protesters showed up to chant, rant + fight for those detained from entering the United States. While they were successful in bringing light to the absurdity of Trump’s immigration plan, Sage Steele had other thoughts in mind.

Steele, who worked the NBA Countdown show with Jalen Rose on Sunday, was making her way to Houston, where she is slated to spend the next week covering Super Bowl LI. With the protest and all the craziness going around, Sage Steele was upset that she had to walk two miles out of the way to get to her flight, which she ultimately missed. The photo that you see above on Instagram, highlighted her frustration, focusing in on criticizing the people who were demonstrating.

The IG post and her rhetoric didn’t go over well, and as of 9:00 a.m. EST, Sage was the seventh trending topic on Twitter because, well, the people did not agree with what she was saying. Her refusal to see both sides of the coin + stick with her original opinion fueled the Twitter backlash she received on social media. When she challenged them to re-read her post + wondered why she wasn’t allowed to express her thoughts, here are some of the reactions she faced.

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