Listen To RZA Say Some Questionable Things In Podcast

RZA Says Some Weird Things On Podcast That Include Complimenting Trump

by Abel Shifferaw
September 16, 2016 12:45 AM

Banks & Steelz (Paul Banks & RZA) Are "Giant" In A New Cinematic Video

In a podcast titled The TalkhouseRZA sat down with musical collaborator Paul Banks to have a fascinatingly odd discussion about music, politics, films, and more. The two have been making music with one another under the name Banks & Steelz and just released an album called Anything But Words this past August. RZA started off the podcast with some interesting tidbits about his own musical journey. He talked about how the E-mu SP-1200 was one of the first samplers he got his hands on. He talked about how he stayed up for a whopping thirty six hours fiddling with the sampler until he felt he got the hang of it all. The sampler didn’t come with a manual and till this day whenever RZA gets his hands on new toys he doesn’t like to look at manuals, he feels that you get a different and perhaps better understanding of the device that way. He talked about how he used the SP-1200 on Method Man‘s “Bring The Pain,” and then got into a hardware vs. software discussion, interesting right? Yeah, it gets really weird after that. Donald J. Trump is the next topic of discussion and RZA commends the racist Oompa Loompa in disguise as Republican presidential nominee’s recent speech. Is RZA switching his endorsement of Hillary Clinton to Trump? Why did Bill Clinton go see Chance The Rapper at the Made In America Festival in Philadelphia you might have asked? RZA answers: He’s a trumpet player right? Naw, naw, saxophone, maybe he was there to see Donnie Trumpet?

Then there was a whole thing about how Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte called President Barack Obama a “son of a whore,” which did not set well with RZA. He thinks that nobody should insult the president of the United States, even if that president was Trump, Bush, Clinton, or Kennedy. Threats were made, it was a bit awkward. The conversation then moved to Duterte’s brutal war on drugsThen RZA brought up the opium wars of China and kind of advocated the immense state violence used to fight the drug war. “Sometimes you gotta amputate,” he said.

Oh, and RZA said he enjoyed walking Fox News, because “they keep it gully.”

You can listen to the odd conversation below. Politics aside, scroll down to peep Banks & Steelz tour dates.

Banks & Steelz Tour Dates:

Septmeebr 23rd @ Life is Beautiful, Las Vegas, NV
September 27th @ Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO
September 28th @ The Tank Room, Kansas, City, MO
September 30th @ Austin City Limits, Austin, TX
October 7th @ Austin City Limits, Austin, TX
October 9th @ Crescent Ballroom, Phoniex, AZ
November 13th @ Gloria, Cologne, Germany
November 14th @ PBHFCLUB, Berlin, Germany
November 15th @ Melkweg @ Amsterdam, Netherlands
November 16th @ Alhambra, Paris, France
November 18th @ Koko, London, United Kingdom

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