Watch DMX Perform "Up In Here" At Roots Picnic 2016

Roots Picnic 2016: Watch DMX Get Philly Hype With "Up In Here" Performance

by Kevito
June 20, 2016 2:18 PM

DMX at Roots Picnic
DMX live at Roots Picnic 2016, photographed by Averie Cole for Okayplayer

It goes without saying that the Roots Picnic 2016 was a step towards making the Philly tradition a world-class festival that can go head to head with Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, or well–anybody. This was reflected not only in the depth of the bill, expanded venue and 3 stages but embodied as well in the sheer ferocity and star power of the standout performances. Yes we’re talking about Earl Simmons AKA Dark Man X–but known to a whole generation simply as DMX, He’s now known to Roots Picnic attendees as the man who lit up the venue with his 10,000-watt, energetic soul.

Joined by his producer-in-crime, Swizz Beatz (who had his own set, btw), the former Ruff Ryder needed no hype man, didn’t do any cheap pops and came with his all for the raucous Philly crowd. The Yonkers native was so super-charged that he jumped on one of the giant stage speakers to perform his standout hit, “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” a certified Tunnel-banger that drove the Festival Pier crowd into a frenzy. Seeing Dark Man X live-and-in-living-color was a treat and a delight, given his recent health issues, and witnessing him connect with the crowd proved that the former Def Jam rapper has earned his legendary status.

“I’ve seen my children be born. I’ve bought shit I never thought I could afford,” DMX said, delivering a monologue to the crowd. He would then, in front of 10,000-plus attendees, bring his own father on to the stage to keep it extra funky with the Roots Picnic audience. “I’ve been reunited with my parents. But this shit right here n****?! I’m saying being onstage in front of people that love you is better than [any] b**** p**** I ever had.” The footprint of the festival has been expanding, and with certified stars like DMX on the bill, the Roots Picnic 2016 is that much closer to dominating the summer every year.

With love being the direct theme of the 9th Annual Roots Picnic, the City of Brotherly Love shared their hearts with everyone who came out to party + shake their ass to these good tunes. Even as X would say, “There’s no greater blessing than being love,” so, with that in mind, for those who weren’t able to attend, please show your love for DMX as he performs “Up In Here” for your viewing pleasure.

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